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.. to puckurt, the fan community for us Gleeks with the firm belief that sex sharks and baby penguins can live and prosper together in perfect harmony, just like we coexist in this oasis of fanfiction, fanart and other creative work celebrating the beautiful relationship of Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel. Do you love Puck? Do you love Kurt? Do you like to merge two amazeballs things together to make it fantasmagoric? Then this is the community for you!


As much as we all wish we did, none of us own Glee, Puck or Kurt, nor do we have any affiliation with Fox, Mark Salling, or Chris Colfer. This is all in good fun and we mean no harm to anyone involved.

That being said, this IS primarily a SLASH COMMUNITY. If you don't like two guys getting it on, this probably isn't the place for you.

Also The characters portrayed in Glee are high school students, so it should be assumed that all characters are under the age of 18. This is a general blanket warning that most of the stories and images in this community feature characters under 18. If you live in a country where reading such fiction is illegal, please refrain from reading this community.

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