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25 December 2010 @ 12:12 pm
Chrismukkah Fest Fic: Teeth, Tongue, and Tattoos for Oddegg  
NOTE: Apologies to all participants, recipients, and community members for the unreliable posting. With the holidays, communication hasn't been at its best. I promise things will get better from here on out. To those of you who have not sent their fics in yet, please PM Pyroclastic ASAP - whether or not you're finished.

Author: spite_pet 
Recipient: oddegg 
Title: Teeth, Tongue and Tattoos
Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt, mentions of Puck’s previous conquests.
Summary: Puck discovers new and exiting things about Kurt that changes everything he
thought he knew about the boy.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Rimming, tattoos and piercings.
Word Count: 6,842
Author's Notes: Smutty smut smut, romance, TWT (Takes place outside any plot/timeline
on the show)

Puck and Kurt had nothing in common.


At least that’s what Puck thought at first.

Puck was a manly, tanned, muscled stud, and Kurt a pale, slender, honorary girl. Puck liked video
games; Kurt liked fashion. Puck was crooners and rock; Kurt was Lady Gaga and show tunes. Puck
was experienced, and Kurt was almost certainly a virgin.

Puck could appreciate the lure of innocence, having lost his own so many conquests ago that he
could hardly remember it anymore. He could also appreciate that Kurt was good looking, beautiful
even. Long slim legs, delicate facial features, big eyes you could drown in and possibly the best ass
McKinley had seen in years.

Gender wasn’t even an issue since Puck was no stranger to sex with guys - ever since the husband
of one of his cougars came home early and, instead of wanting to beat Puck to a pulp, had wanted to
join in. When he’d joined his fight club, he’d discovered that after fighting, some of the guys tended
to get really horny, which lead to Puck having nearly as much experience at sex with guys as he had
with girls.

But he liked his sex hassle-free. Santana was easy to get with, and so were the cougars and the guys
from fight club. And he still hadn’t banged over a quarter of the Cheerios.

Kurt would want to be wooed. He’d demand presents and flowers and trips to the movies and
theatre. He’d demand that Puck wore a tux. He’d want Puck to come out as bisexual, to carry his
books to class, to pay attention when he babbled on about this or that designer. He’d want dinner at
Breadstix, and “whining and dining” just wasn’t Puck’s thing. Despite how much he wanted Kurt
in his bed, it would be too much work to be worth it. And so he didn’t pursue him; instead, Kurt
became his go-to fantasy for when he masturbated.


Puck could remember vividly how it all started - how he and Kurt had become an unlikely couple.
It was around Halloween, and they were going to perform for a school assembly. Someone had
suggested they do a song with a horror theme and one of the girls suggested Lady Gaga’s “Teeth,”
while the guys wanted to do something like Slipknot or old school Metallica. When it came to a
vote, Kurt - being a big Gaga fan - ensured that the girls won.

The beat of the song had an animalistic feel, and Puck had to admit - at least to himself - that he
liked it. They all wore black leather pants with torn white T-shirts, accessorised with lots of studs
and leather. Fake theatre blood was sprayed over their chests and placed in their mouths so it could
drip down their chins. Santana bagged the lead vocals and did an amazing job, her voice deep and
sultry enough to pull it off. She stood at the front, radiating sexuality in thigh-high boots. But Puck
didn’t really notice. Because of his height, he was in the back row and Kurt danced right in front
of him, leather clad ass bopping up and down to the rhythm. He was wearing what must have been
the tightest, hip-hugging leather pants ever made, and Puck couldn’t help being distracted, taking a
moment to enjoy the view.

At the appropriate place in the choreography, they all raised their arms to make the Gaga paws, and
Puck was forced to rethink everything he thought he knew about Kurt.


It was a splash of colour amidst black and white.

When Kurt raised his arms, his torn T-shirt was lifted high enough that Puck could see a tantalizing
glimpse of his lower back. And there on his pale skin, peaking out over the top of Kurt’s pants, was
something colourful. Not the red of the theatre blood or the purple/yellow colour of a bruise. Puck
couldn’t see much, but enough to know it was a kind of design, in green, red, yellow, blue, and

He spent the rest of the song grateful for having rehearsed the choreography so many times that he
could do it in his sleep, since he had a very hard time tearing his eyes away from that small sliver of
revealed skin.

The song was over too soon, and they took their bows. Puck cursed inwardly. He was overcome
with curiosity and not a little lust. He was almost certain the design was a tattoo, but was it real or
fake and just how big was it? He was determined to find out, but it wouldn’t be easy. Kurt always
wore too many layers of clothing; Puck wouldn’t get a chance like this anytime soon.

If it was real, then it was a hell of a thing for someone as innocent as Kurt to hide.

Puck’s mind reeled when it struck him what other kind of things Kurt could be hiding.

He really had to discover a way to find out.


Puck got his chance far sooner that he could have hoped for. The theatre blood was sticky and had
to be washed off, so Kurt reluctantly showered with the rest of them. He took a long time getting
ready for the shower, probably to avoid taking it at the same time as the other guys. He held his
head down the whole time, probably not wanting it to look as if he were sneaking a peek. Puck had
patiently waited to take his shower, trying to look busy, and he counted himself lucky that with Kurt
not looking around, he probably hadn’t noticed.

When Kurt stepped into the shower and turned on the water, Puck leisurely strolled over to his own
stall. He carefully timed his strides and went past Kurt’s stall when the other boy was facing the
wall, his face and hair under the spray of water. Unfortunately, the moment just before Kurt’s naked
ass came into view, the boy turned around, giving Puck an eyeful of Kurt’s package instead.

It was flaccid but still… impressive. Puck couldn’t stop a gasp of shock escaping as he was
presented with that very intimate part of Kurt’s anatomy and, alerted, Kurt opened his eyes to see
Puck staring. Puck blushed for the first time he could remember, genuinely embarrassed; being
caught had not been part of the Puckasaurus’ master plan. He quickly looked up and caught a
glimpse of something shiny on the way. He took a double take and saw that Kurt’s right nipple was

Puck had completely lost his cool, not something he was used to. He tried to save the situation by
plastering a fake smirk on his face, but his mind was completely blank and he could find nothing
witty or badass to say that could save him. Instead, he stepped into the stall next to Kurt after
removing the towel that hid his semi-hard cock and turned on the water.

He feverously hoped that Kurt would be distracted by the awesomeness of his guns and the way his
muscles would shine as he soaped his body. He glanced over at Kurt to see if there was a chance
that he could still get to see what he wanted, in case the other boy looked away. Yet, he wasn’t that

Kurt raised an eyebrow, mask carefully in place and face unreadable. However, he kept nervously
glancing over at Puck through the rest of his shower. And when he was done, he put on a robe
that covered his whole body except his shins and feet. With Kurt so aware of Puck’s actions, Puck
didn’t get another chance to look.


Puck spent all of November coming up with increasingly insane plans to get a look at Kurt’s tattoo.
The sight of that nipple ring had shocked him as well. He didn’t know anyone else apart from
himself who had one. It didn’t fit into this mental image he had of Kurt, and he was more curious
than ever.

And the sight of Kurt’s cock and beautiful, slender but defined body had been used constantly as
fantasy material to the point that Puck hadn’t bothered to find someone to fuck, opting instead to
masturbate furiously in his room. Puck prided himself on being an attentive lover, so his partner
would be satisfied and more willing to come back for seconds. He might not be able to remember
their name afterwards, but during, he was all theirs. Yet, he really didn’t want to look at another
face or body or moan another name besides Kurt’s.

However, it annoyed him because every time he tried to imagine Kurt’s ass – and Kurt’s skin-tight
jeans gave him a pretty good idea exactly how it was shaped – a piece of the puzzle was missing.
There was something colourful there, but he had no idea how it looked. And Puck really wanted to
be able to imagine taking Kurt from behind.

He’d considered spilling something on Kurt accidentally, but even if he offered to help clean, there
was little chance that he would get to look at Kurt’s ass. And he wasn’t sure that Kurt would buy
his act and believe it was accidental. Kurt hadn’t mentioned the awkward shower incident, but he
sure as hell hadn’t forgotten it, if the contemplative looks he gave Puck once in a while were any

Puck had considered bribing some of the guys on the football or hockey team to egg Kurt so it
would be guaranteed that he’d take a shower. But not only would the guys wonder what Puck’s
reason was, Puck couldn’t make himself do that to Kurt. It was too mean, something that he once
wouldn’t have cared about, but now… he’d changed.

He’d even gone so far as to consider getting a makeover from Kurt. If he could persuade Kurt to
try clothes on as well, then maybe… but then Puck remembered that Kurt probably wouldn’t go
commando like he personally preferred, and he couldn’t think of any way he could get Kurt to lose
his underwear.


By December, when Puck still couldn’t get Kurt and all his little secrets out of his mind, he came
to the only sensible conclusion he could see… he had to seduce Kurt. Somehow, he had to get
Kurt alone and turn on the charm. Kurt probably wouldn’t believe him at first and the chance that
he would immediately drop his clothes was slim to none, but if Puck played his cards right and
at least convinced Kurt to hang out with him and do the stuff Kurt liked, then he’d eventually get
somewhere, which was far better than the nowhere he was stuck in now.

His chance came when a marathon of Christmas horror movies the next weekend was suggested.
Between Mike, Sam, and Artie, they had Silent Night Deadly Night, Santa Claws, Santa’s Slay,
both Gremlins movies and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Most of the girls decided to go
because horror movies were a great opportunity to claim being afraid and cuddle with their guys.

Kurt’s house was the first suggestion since Carole and Burt had a romantic weekend getaway
planned so they wouldn’t be home, but Kurt refused to participate - both because he didn’t want
to fill the house with guests without his dad’s permission and because he really didn’t like horror
movies. A sad look that flitted over Kurt’s face for a second told Puck that he probably had a third
reason as well that he wasn’t saying: He didn’t want to sit alone among all those happy couples
with no one to cuddle. When Mercedes said she had an aunt’s birthday to go to, Puck knew this was
his chance. Kurt would be at home alone and not hanging with his BFF. He made his own excuse
which was basically “places to be, people to fuck” and left to go plan.


Puck tried not to contemplate how nervous he actually was. He had gone as far as trying several

different outfits on and even buying a new, tight-fitting T-shirt that showed off his guns. For
jeans, he chose the ones that showed off his ass the most. He showered thoroughly, used lotion
and deodorant and even tried to make his mohawk look as nice as possible. He didn’t dare to think
too much about his feelings fearing what he’d discover. He tried to ignore how fast his heart was
beating and only allowed himself to think about the goal: to see Kurt’s ass.

He thought about buying flowers or something so he wouldn’t show up empty handed, but that
seemed too cheesy. Showing up with a bottle of vodka was more his style, but he didn’t think it
would be appreciated. And since he wasn’t invited, he was afraid it’d look weird if he showed up
with a gift. He’d looked through all his music, games and movies for something they could do
together, but he still hadn’t found an excuse for showing up. He just had to wing it and hope for the

He drove to Kurt’s house. He knew exactly where it was from when he had nailed Kurt’s lawn
furniture to the roof. And from the time with the toilet paper. And that time with the eggs. Not fond
memories, he tried not to think too much about it. He still cringed at how much of a prick he’d

After parking the car, he took a couple of deep breaths, opened the car door and made his way to
the front door. His finger hovered over the doorbell, and he took a few more deep breaths, trying to
ignore how his hand shook. He closed his eyes and pressed.

Now that it was done, too late to change his mind, he slowly opened his eyes and tried to pull
himself together. As he heard footsteps on the other side, he plastered a smirk on his face and tried
to look like he wasn’t about to puke.

Kurt opened the door and Puck paused for a second. Kurt was wearing casual clothes, a pair of well
worn jeans and a grey sweater - no doubt made by some famous designer - and he looked amazing.
His hair didn’t have the same amount of product as it usually had and looked silky soft.

“Wanna hang out?” The words almost got stuck in his throat, but he managed to get them out
without giving too much away. He got a raised eyebrow for his troubles.

“The horror movie thing is at Santana’s,” Kurt said, beginning to close the door.

“No,” Puck said, perhaps a little too loudly. “What I mean is, would you like to hang out… with
me… we could do stuff… for Glee or something, I mean.” And there went all hope of appearing
casual and cool.

Kurt had a contemplative look on his face, lips slightly pouty and looking absolutely delicious.
Puck tried not to stare and instead gave Kurt a reassuring smile.

At last, Kurt opened the door all the way and allowed Puck to enter.


First they went into the kitchen, Puck trying to appear casual and calm while Kurt found some chips
and cut some fruit. He passed a big bottle of Diet Coke to Puck and two glasses, and guided the way

to his basement.

Puck was surprised to see how Kurt had decorated. It looked awesome, not anywhere close to pink
and frilly like he’d imagined. It was masculine in white, black and chrome. There was an awesome
TV and both a Wii and a PS3. Puck looked through the various games and movies Kurt had and,
although a lot of the movies were musicals and old black and white romance movies, there where
also some awesome ones like The Lord of the Rings and the Bourne trilogies. He was surprised to
see that among the fitness games for Wii and all the karaoke games, Kurt had games Puck actually
played, like Mario and Tekken 6.

Turning around, he found Kurt looking over his shoulder. He still had the Tekken game in his
hand and, with a smug smile, Kurt snatched it from him and said, “Want to play?” Confident in his
abilities, Puck agreed.

Kurt had two pretty uncomfortable looking white leather sofas, so instead he sat on the bed and
was pleasantly surprised when Kurt sat down next to him using two large books on fashion as a
makeshift table between them to place the snacks on.

Puck had not counted on having his ass handed to him. Kurt had apparently memorized the
combinations for the characters he played instead of mashing random buttons like Puck had thought
he would. But it was worth it, since Kurt was having fun and smiling and laughing in a way Puck
realized he saw much too rarely. It made his heart ache a little, but he tried ignoring it, just like he
tried to ignore how much he wanted to move closer and kiss Kurt.


They took a small break, Kurt phoning for some pizza and getting more Diet Coke, while Puck
looked around some more. Figuring that Kurt would probably like to sing a bit, he put Singstar in
the PS3. Kurt came back with the food and they took turns singing and eating, Puck rocking out
to songs like Beck’s “Loser” and Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealing,” while Kurt sang
beautifully to Scissor Sisters’ “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” and The Cardigans’ “Lovefool.”

Soon after that, the game was forgotten and they’d begun just singing whatever they wanted. Puck
regretted not bringing his guitar, but then again he didn’t want to remind Kurt of all the girls he had
serenaded with it, so maybe it was for the best.

Somehow they ended up both lounging on the bed, face to face, Puck singing a very slow version of
Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”

The mood had changed; it was much more intimate and Puck had caught himself drowning in
Kurt’s eyes several times. Swallowing nervously, he reached over and gently caressed Kurt’s hand.
When Kurt didn’t move it, Puck felt encouraged and tangled his fingers with Kurt’s, while still
caressing up and down Kurt’s hand with his thumb. It was the slowest he’d ever gone. He couldn’t
remember ever holding hands with anybody. It was both really nice and really nerve-wracking
because he felt like he was exposing himself without gaining any knowledge of Kurt’s feelings
in return. He was much more comfortable with the rough kissing he usually engaged in. With
someone’s lips fused to his in horny desperation there’s little room for doubt or insecurities.

With his hands getting clammy from nervousness and a tight knot growing in his stomach, it
suddenly hit Puck just how much this mattered, how much was at risk. He really wanted to kiss
Kurt, but could feel an intense fear of scaring the other boy away and ruining this flimsy chance he
had with him.

Kurt licked his lips and Puck was completely mesmerized. Blushing a little, Kurt scooted closer
and Puck decided that this was signal enough that Kurt wanted more. He reached up with his free
hand and tenderly caressed Kurt’s cheekbone with his thumb. He licked his own lips nervously and,
keeping eye contact with Kurt for as long as possible, he very slowly closed the distance. He was
looking for signs of Kurt not wanting this and was elated when he saw none. When their lips met, it
felt incredible, so different from what kisses had been to Puck before.


They kissed slowly at first, just exploring each other and Puck could gladly have spent hours that
way. But Kurt seemed to have other ideas as his hands wandered over Puck’s chest and arms,
feeling the muscles, tracing them with the tips of his fingers.

Puck drew away from Kurt, just a little so he could see Kurt’s eyes and take in the flush to his
cheeks. Kurt was wide-eyed and panting through kiss-swollen lips. He was beautiful.

Just as Puck contemplated going in for seconds, Kurt pounced. This kiss was more passionate, Kurt
forcefully gripping Puck’s shoulders to hold him as close as possible and moaning in a way that
went straight to Puck’s cock. Puck was mildly shocked that Kurt was so eager, but there was no
way he’d complain. Instead he held the other boy tight, his hands roaming everywhere they could

Kurt’s hands had made their way under Puck’s T-shirt and Puck decided to follow his example,
loving the feel of Kurt’s soft skin under his fingertips. His fingers found a particularly sensitive
spot, and Kurt wriggled around, trying to escape the tickling fingers. Puck moved on top of him,
holding him down gently, his hard cock accidentally aligning with Kurt’s through two pairs of
jeans. He couldn’t help gently moving his pelvis, earning the most delicious moan for his effort.

With slightly shaking hands, Kurt tried getting Puck’s T-shirt off and, with more moving around
that rubbed their cocks together, managed to get it over Puck’s head before he threw it somewhere
on the floor. He then hastily removed his own sweater and the T-shirt underneath so he was bare-
chested, too. A small surprised part of Puck’s brain noticed that Kurt threw his own clothes on the
floor as well with no regard for wrinkles, but the rest of him couldn’t care less. Kurt’s bare chest
that he’d only briefly seen before and had fantasized about touching so many times was his to

He started his journey at Kurt’s neck, lightly kissing and sucking, before he moved down to
Kurt’s collarbone that he followed with his tongue. Moving lower, Puck was a little sad to lose the
friction between their cocks, but he really wanted to explore the piercing in Kurt’s nipple. It was a
simple steel or titanium ring with a small ball of some kind of purple gemstone that Puck couldn’t
remember the name of. He slowly laved the nipple with his tongue, and then carefully tugged at the
piercing with his teeth. He did this a couple of times, each tender yank earning a surprisingly deep
moan. He moved to the other nipple and, after running his tongue over it, he gave it a small bite that

made Kurt buck against him. He moved back and forth between the two nipples until both were a
little red and swollen, Kurt moving beneath him desperate for friction. Puck couldn’t resist placing
a hand on Kurt’s crotch, squeezing gently.

“Please… mo-ore.” Kurt’s voice was breaking slightly, but his message was clearly received. Puck
moved even lower and, at a teasing pace, he lowered the zipper in Kurt’s jeans. Kurt wriggled
impatiently, using his legs to lift himself and make it easier to take the jeans completely off. As
Puck tried to get the jeans over Kurt’s feet, Kurt had started on removing his boxers, and Puck
happily helped him get those off as well before he removed his own jeans, not having to bother with
boxers as he went commando per usual.

As Puck moved up, intent on wrapping his lips around Kurt’s cock, he couldn’t stop himself from
staring, eyes wide and mouth open in shock as he saw how huge Kurt was. Puckzilla was by no
means small, quite the contrary, but Kurt’s was enormous, standing straight up and looking like
some kind of immense sculpture made of pale, flawless, soft skin. As he looked up at Kurt’s face,
Puck could see he was slightly uncomfortable, maybe even embarrassed. Puck realized this could
very well be Kurt’s very first time being with another boy, and he was ruining it by staring at him
like he was some kind of freak.

“You look amazing,” Puck quickly reassured him, deciding on being completely honest. “Just
really… big. And I was surprised, that’s all.” He could feel and see Kurt relax again; his
reassurances had worked. He moved all the way up Kurt’s body so he could kiss him again, feeling
the need to start over.

Their kisses quickly turned desperate and their bodies moulded together. Their cocks now free of
any restraints moved against each other, giving delicious friction, and Kurt was moaning beneath
him, lost in sensation and looking flushed and wanton. Puck could tell that Kurt was really close
and decided to keep moving against him, filled with a need to see Kurt’s face when he came. He
snaked a hand down so their cocks would rub against each other even more tightly. Shortly after
he got a good grip, Kurt was coming, the room filling with the most beautiful sounds of pleasure
as Kurt threw his head back; the expression on his face so amazing that Puck could do nothing
but stare attentively, drinking it all in. If this was his only chance to be with Kurt, he would do
everything he could to remember every single detail.


As Kurt was coming down from his high, Puck kissed his face, small soothing pecks he tried to
fill with as much love as he could. He was dreading any embarrassment that might arise between
them and wanted Kurt to feel comfortable and loved without going as far as actually telling him his
feelings as his words tended to come out wrong and ruin things. Luckily, Kurt gave him the most
beautiful happy smile he’d ever seen on the other boy’s face and Puck couldn’t help but respond
with one of his own, although he knew he probably looked really goofy. It didn’t matter to him; if
there was one place in the world where he didn’t want to be badass and seem uncaring, it was right

Puck hadn’t come, but it didn’t matter either. He was, however, sticky everywhere from when Kurt
had and as wonderful it was to lie there, he also wanted to clean up. Maybe if he was lucky they
could shower together. He could soap up Kurt’s body, running the washing cloth all over…

The tattoo! He’d forgotten all about it. The way Kurt looked at him made him feel like he had all
the time in the world though, so he resisted flipping the other boy over to settle his curiosity and,
instead, suggested a shower for both of them.

It took a while to make it to the bathroom, as they playfully hugged and kissed each other, walking
in funny patterns as they tried to move together as one entity, neither willing to let the other go.
As they reached the shower, Kurt blindly reached behind himself to turn on the water and they
somehow managed to get in without accident. They soaped each other with great care, touching
everywhere. Puck loved the way Kurt marvelled at his muscles and patiently let the other boy
explore as much as he liked. Puck was still rock hard, and it was almost bordering on painful now,
so he was thrilled when Kurt wrapped a tentative hand around his cock, his eyes showing his
nervousness. Puck would normally react in a casual way in this situation to seem more badass, but
he allowed Kurt to see and hear just how turned on he was as he let go of all restraints and moaned

Slowly stroking Puck’s cock, Kurt got down on his knees so he was eye level with it. A little bit of
tongue nervously peaked out from between Kurt’s lips, he wet them, the sight making Puck tremble
a little with lust. Kurt looked up at Puck as if asking permission and Puck breathlessly nodded. He
could see how Kurt took a deep breath and then moved forward, and soft lips wrapped around him.
It felt incredible and looked even better.

It was over much too soon. Puck prided himself on being able to last for a long time, but this was
his wildest fantasy come true, and the way Kurt looked as he happily sucked and licked and stroked
was just too much. Kurt was licking right under the head with a broad wet tongue just as Puck
came, and long strands of semen shot out and hit him over his cheeks, nose and lips. It looked
unbelievably hot. Kurt rose giggling and Puck couldn’t help laughing happily with him. They
finished their shower, both still laughing, kissing and hugging.


As they walked back to Kurt’s bed hand in hand and completely naked, Puck knew this was his
chance. He asked Kurt to lie down on his stomach and Kurt complied. The tattoo was now visible,
but Puck tried to ignore it for now as he sat down softly on top of Kurt, leaning over to lick at the
back of his neck. He slowly let his tongue make patterns over Kurt’s shoulder blades and further
down to the small of his back. As he used his hands to stroke Kurt’s back, he allowed himself to
finally look.

The tattoo was big and very colourful. It spread over Kurt’s lower back and his right buttock
and was made up of six very elegant wavy lines of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Interwoven with them were some musical notes in black ink, but since Puck could only read guitar
chords, he couldn’t understand what the melody was supposed to be.

He couldn’t resist following the green line with his tongue. Kurt moaned and, encouraged, Puck
skipped to another line - this time the yellow one. It ended on a particularly irresistible part of
Kurt’s buttock and Puck gave him a small bite. Kurt moaned louder. Puck did this with all the lines,
ending each time with a small bite. Kurt was now moaning non-stop and lifting his ass up towards

Puck stopped following the lines of the tattoo and tentatively let his tongue move closer to the cleft
in Kurt’s ass, expecting to be stopped any second. He’d wanted to do this for so long, but the times
he’d been comfortable enough to suggest it to one of his lovers he’d always been denied. Puck
sent a small prayer that Kurt wouldn’t be disgusted with him and the mood wouldn’t be ruined. He
licked along the cleft, not dipping his tongue between the buttocks yet, wanting to give Kurt ample
opportunity to realize what he was going to do and move away. But Kurt moaned even louder and
lifted his ass up even more.

Puck moved to a position where he could be comfortable and have the use of both his hands and,
placing one on each cheek, he slowly spread them apart. His cock was hard again and his palms
sweaty; his heart was beating fast and his head was swimming as he leaned closer, letting his tongue
lick over Kurt’s anus. He’d done it as softly as possible, almost not touching, still giving Kurt the
chance to pull away, but Kurt’s reaction was better than he could dream of. The other boy parted his
legs further and arched his back like a cat’s, open and ready.

With a deep groan, Puck began fulfilling his most secret fantasy as he first let his tongue make a
circular motion around the hole and then lightly let it tease the entrance, dipping in ever so slightly.
This was repeated several times, his tongue going deeper each time. The way Kurt’s hole pulsated
and gripped his tongue was amazing and Puck was so turned on that he knew it would only take
a few strokes for him to come. He buried his face between Kurt’s buttocks and letting go with
his hands, he began stroking himself and Kurt. He thrust his tongue as far into Kurt’s ass as it
could possibly go, loving the taste and feel. As he could feel Kurt contracting around his tongue in
orgasm, he came hard. Kurt’s legs and arms gave, and the boy collapsed, panting and trembling on
the bed.

Puck lay down beside him, completely spent but also glowing with happiness. Kurt’s face was
flushed a very attractive pink, and he was breathing hard, but he had the most wonderful smile
on his face. Puck tenderly let his fingers brush through Kurt’s wet and tousled hair before he
said, “Another shower?”


They showered again, this time without blowjobs, and quickly changed the bed since they’d gotten
semen all over it.

They got comfortable, Kurt’s head on Puck’s muscular shoulder and fell asleep, not waking before
morning. They spent the day talking, eating, playing games (Puck discovering that Kurt could also
beat him at Mario Kart) and having a lot of fun exploring each other.

Puck was especially interested in the story behind the tattoo. Kurt told him how the colours
symbolized him being gay, something Puck had already guessed, and that the notes were
from “Defying Gravity,” the song from Wicked that he’d tried out for against Rachel. The parts
of the song that said, “I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so,” and “And you
won’t bring me down!” meant a lot to Kurt, so he’d gotten the notes tattooed on him as a reminder
to stay strong and believe in himself.

Before they had to part, since Kurt was expecting Carole and Burt home soon, they had to talk

about where they stood now, a subject they had so far avoided. Puck was nervous and could see
the questions and insecurity mirrored in Kurt’s eyes. They had moved towards the front door, but
Puck had made no move to put on his jacket, instead he held onto Kurt’s hands tightly, not wanting
to let go even though their hands were clammy and slippery. After the wonderful time they’d had
together, Puck had no doubt that he wanted to be Kurt’s boyfriend, to keep spending time with this
wonderful boy so beautiful and full of surprises. He just wasn’t sure he deserved to be or that Kurt
would really want him, with his horrible reputation, the extent of which he knew was far worse than
what the rumour mill at McKinley had been able to dig up.

Puck had stood still so long, just staring and wondering what to do and say, that Kurt had begun to
withdraw, a sad expression on his face. Puck made a quick decision.

“I really like you Kurt…and I want to be your boyfriend.” He’d said it far too quickly and could
feel his face growing hot. He could smooth talk like a pro when there wasn’t anything to lose, but
when it really mattered he said the most stupid and inane things. There was so much he wanted to
say, about his feelings and how he regretted being so awful to Kurt and his friends before joining
glee, but the words stuck in his throat. He made a silent vow to himself to tell Kurt everything in
detail, from his home life to his sexual conquests to what kinds of bullying he’d participated in if
only Kurt would want him, but right now he didn’t want to drive Kurt away.

He took a deep breath and managed to whisper, “I think I’m might be in love with you.” He
couldn’t make himself look at Kurt instead he closed his eyes, wincing at how badly he’d expressed
himself, revealing his feelings but still managing to sound like he doubted them.

Kurt removed his hands from Pucks and Pucks heart broke a little. Then he felt arms around him
and lips against his own. He kissed back, enjoying how passionate the kiss was and how tightly the
arms held him. When the kiss ended Kurt giggled happily and Puck opened his eyes and looked in
wonder at the amazing boy in front of him, at how he was smiling widely his eyes radiating joy.
Puck swooped in for another kiss.

With the threat of being face to face with Burt Hummel after a weekend of corrupting his son, Puck
finally tore himself away from Kurt enough to get his jacket but he continued to kiss Kurt as he put
it on and didn’t stop as they awkwardly got the front door open. It took all their willpower to finally
part and Puck almost ran back several times as he made his way to his car.

As soon as Puck was home, he texted Kurt, already missing him terribly.


Puck soon discovers that Kurt is the perfect person for him. Puck has always been a very sexual
person and the few times he’d thought of being with one person only, he’d been afraid that he
would do something stupid and mess things up. But he finds that he never gets bored with Kurt like
he was afraid of and he doesn’t even really consider other people. There isn’t any position Kurt
isn’t willing to try, no place he won’t have sex, including public parks, janitor closets and changing
rooms. All it takes is a quirk of an eyebrow and Kurt is on his knees, with Puck’s cock in his mouth.
Add a little practice and Kurt is happily deep-throating, as well as swallowing Puck’s cum, and
loving it.

He finds out how much he loves taking Kurt against any surface, bending him over and taking him
hard or lying in bed making love slowly. He also loves when Kurt takes him; his huge cock was
intimidating at first, but Puck quickly learns to love the way it fills him so completely.

Even Kurt’s little quirks like his love for fashion is okay with Puck, since Kurt loves to dress up
for him, parading around in thigh-high leather boots and little else. Kurt’s closet contains a lot of
leather and chains, and Puck finds out that he loves to bring home a new kinky accessory for Kurt.
He got a very dirty look when he brought home a pair of pink lace panties once. Kurt relented and
wore them, but not before telling Puck at length about how hideous they were.

He’s surprised that Kurt doesn’t mind getting his precious outfits strewn all over the floor as long as
Puck is careful with the buttons. Kurt doesn’t mind having to wash and iron or even get his clothes
dry-cleaned if he gets great sex.


When they decide to marry exactly five years after their first day together, instead of wedding
bands, they both get matching tattoos. Puck suggests the mushrooms from Mario, loving the
scandalized expression on Kurt’s face. They decide on getting musical notes in a design that wraps
around their wrists. They choose a small part of the melody of the song that started it all, when Puck
discovered that he might be completely wrong about the things he’d just assumed about Kurt. It was
something he’d admitted to Kurt while blushing with shame, but Kurt had loved that story as he
loved it every time he surprised Puck.

They celebrate their wedding with friends and family, everyone that’s ever been special to them
showing up including everyone that’s been a part of glee club with them. The day is filled with
song, laughter and happiness. Puck is in heaven. Who would have thought that he’d find the perfect
partner in Kurt Hummel? In all the time they’d been together, he didn’t mess around with anyone
else, not having the need to with Kurt all excited and lustful and constantly ready. But on this day,
he says the vows and actually promises Kurt that he’ll always be faithful and a devoted husband.
He’d never thought that he would promise this kind of commitment to anyone, but he knows that he
means it. And he knows he’ll never need anyone besides Kurt.
(Deleted comment)
lil-miss-choclil_miss_choc on December 26th, 2010 12:59 am (UTC)
Total hotness sandwiched between rather sweet loveliness - love it!
grimcognitogrimcognito on December 26th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
*two thimbs up* Great writing! I love the idea of Kurt completely defying Puck expectations.
oddegg: Glee - puckurt kissoddegg on December 26th, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
I’m going to do this as reaction commentary, ok? And my first reaction is: …someone wrote me my tattoo porn? SWEET GOD – FUCKING YES!! And wait. You’re telling me I get rimming and piercings TOO?!? *runs round like a hyper maniac* YAY!!!!!!

(Can I just say the idea of Puck fucking his fight club buddies is a rather nice one? ‘Cos it is.) (Also, ‘yum’ to Santana in thigh boots)

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This? ’He might not be able to remember their name afterwards, but during, he was all theirs.’ SO Puck.

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The whole build up to the first kiss is absolutely delicious – the tension cranking up beautifully and then the making out increasing in heat till it’s damn near incendiary! Nipple play, mmmm...
Kurt being incredibly well hung is now my personal canon. Love how giggly and silly they are with each other! And then we get shower sex that’s both sweet and hot and we get the coming on faces, which I approve of.

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Darling anon – you have made my xmas a happy one indeed. I don’t remember it but apparently I must have been a very good girl to get such a lovely gift in my stocking - especially one that hit so many of my kinks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
*kisses you* *with tongue*
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That was a perfect combination of porn and romance. We got superb kinks, hot sex, insecurities on both sides, love and marriage (ha!). There isn't a sentence that wasn't great, from the first very Puck-like paragraph, throigh his realization he might have feelings towards Kurt, to the happy ending.
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